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We know and understand that students looking for help with university assignments may have misgivings about the reliability of online services and the legality of purchasing assignments from professionals. Unlike some unscrupulous services online, we believe in delivering quality content that is original and entirely free from plagiarism.

We do not advertise readymade assignments and essays that students can pass off as their own work. Rather, our main aim is to provide learning support to students in need of it.

We provide the foundation around which you develop your own project. This way the aim of the university assignment is achieved while allowing you the benefit of professional guidance. Best of all, this is perfectly legitimate.

Producing academic research can be challenging on many different levels. For one thing, this task must be juggled with all the other activities and projects that students are involved with at university, home and work. For those just starting out learning how to do research and academic writing, the whole process can seem extremely confusing and intimidating, what with tight deadlines and unrelenting standards set by the tutors. Taking assistance from the subject experts on our team can help you find your way around this process and eventually master it for yourself without having to do it all at once and becoming overwhelmed and discouraged.

You may have some great ideas to work on but not enough time to spend going through dozens of journals or articles searching for one useful reference. Tell us what you are looking for and let us do the legwork for you. With this support at your fingertips, you can then put together your assignment in your own words using your own unique expression. This is not cheating because the intellectual content is yours and so is the writing. All we do is take over the mundane, time consuming tasks for you and freeing up your time for the really creative bits.

We also take pride in offering assistance to international or EU students who are faced with the additional challenge of producing serious research in a language that is not their native tongue. Mastering the English language can take time. Meanwhile, we can provide the support you need to better express your ideas.

What customers have loved about our service is how interactive and flexible it can be. You get to communicate directly with your writer to share your opinions and understand their approach so that the final product retains the essence of your ideas. In this way, you get to use the process as an opportunity for learning, exactly what your assignment was intended for in the first place. This makes for responsible use of outside help without cheating in any sense. Of course, this also means that there is no question of getting caught for cheating!

Look at it this way. Our team of experienced writers and researchers, some of whom have extensive professional experience of teaching, can serve as substitutes for your tutors by giving you the guidance you need for your project.

All assignments done by should only be used for research and reference purposes and should not be submitted as your own. If you do however choose to make use of our research to write your own essay, it should be properly referenced.